The Louis Riel Trail

In the heart of Saskatchewan lies an adventurous and historic path that leads you from as far south as the Qu’Appelle Valley to the Boreal Nisbet Forest in the north. This 364 kilometer trail is dedicated to Louis Riel, leader of the historic Metis Uprising of 1885. The impact of these events had a tremendous effect on the people and heritage of this area. Travel this renowned route and experience the people, cultures and legacy of Louis Riel.

Central Saskatchewan is synonymous for it’s beautiful river valleys and wide open prairie landscapes. When you start at the north end of the Louis Riel Trail, just south of Prince Albert on Highway 11, you will be at the base of the lush Boreal Nisbet Forest. In the winter months you can enjoy the snowmobile and cross-country ski trails, in the summer months these trails give way to horseback riders, hikers, and campers. Traveling south on the trail you can explore the events of the 1885 Louis Riel uprising at the Batoche National Site and Fort Carlton Provincial Park. Rediscover the Carlton Trail, historical battle grounds and museums containing authentic artifacts related to the area’s history. Continuing your journey on the trail south from Saskatoon to Regina, where Louis Riel was prosecuted and hanged, you will see spectacular outdoor sculptures and enjoy the diverse landscape. Stop in and bask in the array of culture and ethnic cuisines in any of the towns on your trek through Saskatchewan’s historic trail. This area was a predominant place for Metis trade, First Nations ancestral land and Pioneer settlement in the early 19th century.

Throughout the seasons the Louis Riel Trail spirit comes alive in the small communities, through the rodeos, pow wows and various featured events. Take part in the events while enjoying your stay at the various bed and breakfasts or guest ranches along the trail. Saskatchewan invites you to experience it’s hidden treasures and let it’s hospitality embrace you.

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